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Enamel sign - Number plate with additional line

The descriptive number describes the house and is therefore unique in the village. It is usually the longer number on the house, sometimes up to five digits. It is assigned after the building is approved and is a condition for registration in the Land Registry.

The descriptive number changes only when the cadastral boundaries change and in practice it is created and extinguished with the existence of the property. If a new building is built on the site of a defunct or demolished house, it also receives a new descriptive number. The newer the property, the higher the description number. If the house has more than one entrance, it will also have more than one descriptive number, one for each entrance.

The sign is standard bombed, with holes in the corners for attachment.

Variants: size 200x160mm, 250x200mm

(The most commonly used dimension for a descriptive number outside Prague is 250x200mm)

Rozměr 200x160mm, 250x200mm
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